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What can Cash on Cash do for you!

Our company was founded in 2006 & has over 200 machines all across the Southland. Our many years in business & our local focus give us our competitive advantage. Keeping our core in Southern California allows us to dedicate our full attention & resources to ensure top-notch performance across all our machines.

We distinguish ourselves by having established a refined business model that services both large, cash-heavy corporate facilities as well as the needs of small businesses.

Automated email alerts and reporting as well as online web access ensure that the machines are monitored 24/7 and all financials are transparent.

We Offer Three Options to Fit Your Needs


Platinum - All Inclusive

We provide an ATM free of charge as well as installation (bolting down), programming, loading the cash and handling any repairs or machine issues free of charge. In this setup, the location is completely hands off in terms of the daily management/cash replenishment of the machine. You receive 25% to 50% of the gross ATM surcharges generated from the machine.


Gold - Even Split

We provide an ATM free of charge as well as installation (bolting down), and programming. Your company handles the cash to be loaded into the ATM. For this arrangement, the location is completely hands-off in terms of the liability for any repairs of the machine. In this scenario, you receive 50%+ of the gross ATM surcharges generated from the machine.


Silver - All Yours

Your company purchases a new ATM for $2500. Each machine includes a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. This price includes shipping, tax, ATM installation (bolting down), programming, and training. The install, programming and training work are done by Cash on Cash. You are responsible for loading cash and fixing issues, or pay a fee to us to do so.

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We offer low-fee processing!

We Love Our Customers

And Our Customers Love Us

“We had Cash on Cash install an ATM at our location 5 months ago. We have seen a dramatic increase in our cash sales and a direct drop in our ridiculously expensive credit card transactions. It keeps our customers spending cash at our club. Thanks!!!!”

Michael Ruffle
Director of Operations, Hilton Hotels

“Cash on Cash took care of everything. I can't recommend them more highly. Our machine makes money and we never wait on repairs or refills!”

Holly Mills
Proprietor, Anthony’s Pizza

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